IMPORTANT UPDATE – From Pastor Giardino

Hi Gospel Light Church and Friends,

Good morning. It has been quite busy at Gospel Light in the last couple of weeks! The Bard Family is here and are enjoying some really nice upgrades to our missions apartment. The new bathroom is sensational and it’s not even detailed in the finish yet. Some “clutch players” in this project are: Mrs. G, Bill, Bob Gadra, Mateo, Ermino…WOW these dear brethren got the job done. We had some late night busy brushers doing painting until almost midnight this past Wednesday night after service.

Here’s the deal for the Labor Day Holiday weekend:

1.) I’ll be preaching this Lord’s Day at 11am and Sunday night at 6pm. We’ll be splitting up in our adult Sunday School classes for soul winning by Sis. Gale Reed with the ladies and myself & Gabriel & Bro. Rey together in a class for the men.

2.) THIS SUNDAY NIGHT I’ll be covering “DELICATE UNION” and I’ll be handling sensitive adult matters regarding sex in marriage. Bro. Gabriel will be having the kids that I don’t want to be in the main service in another area of our building. Any adult in our ministry even nominal-in-attendance should benefit (be edified)….Lord willing….to this charge and sermon. Maybe you know of unsaved folks that could benefit from this opportunity. GET THEM ON THE HOOK asap by inviting them to our 6pm service.

3.) We also have our “PIGNIC” on Monday at 3pm! Last year many of our folks that signed up for dishes for the Pignic came wandering in much later that the start time…this frustrated me to see this happen…yes I remember. SOOOO we’re starting later for this not to happen again. Please be courteous and get here a little earlier so we can dig into the wonderful variety of foods that will be displayed and devoured! The Pig will be cooked all night Sunday night by Brian Baxter.

4.) WE NEED FOLKS TO SHOW UP SATURDAY AT 10am to help set up the pignic area. Party Tents, carts, trash barrels, Volleyball nets,  etc. etc.  PLEASE VOLUNTEER. The grounds of Gospel Light have never looked better so let’s get this area looking really nice. We’ll be having an awesome BON-FIRE as well Monday night.

5.) Our ministry is growing in a fabulous way. New families are getting involved and even NON church folks are interested in helping us out. Please do your part and keep the spirit of joy and happiness rolling into this early fall. Here’s a closing verse for you to ponder;as the “household” of Solomon’s servant attracted people from all over the world so should the “household” of Gospel Light!: 2 Chron 9:7 Happy are thy men, and happy are these thy servants, which stand continually before thee, and hear thy wisdom.

6.) Please pray for missionary Scott Allis presently on the next missionary trip as he brings mp-3 players into the “Stan” countries!


It’s yet to be seen when you learn to lean”; I’m hooked as I learn to “lean” on Him.

Love my country….fear our rogue government…value my church,

Pastor Vince Giardino

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