This Tract is on the Right Track

Our household wiped the sleepiness from our eyes, hopped into our Sunday best, and with smiles all around, hurried on over to Gospel Light Bible Baptist Church, our second home, for a morning at Sunday school. With the kids heading to their upstairs classrooms and the women headed off to the library, the men gathered round in the back of the church where Gabriel Gonzalez was about to teach.

Resurrecting a long ignored project, the men began again to pick up the task of planning and composing a bible tract. This tract is intended to be a specially designed tract for use by Gospel Lighter’s in our efforts at soul winning. (Steve Derefinko and Gabriel are working on a framework to reach every door of Gates and other surrounding towns.) Gabriel spent a few moments reviewing previous lessons and then brought us to where the group effort left off. The cover illustration will be created by Salina Giardino. The current idea for the illustration is to have a smiling mask being pulled away from a sad face underneath, with the face representing the reality. Written on the mask will be the earthly things that hide the problem.

(Tract Example Only)

The tract, as currently formatted, has 5 main categories: The Intro, The Reality, The Reason, The Remedy, and The Response. The tract will attempt to swing from the intellect to the conscience, using God’s commandments to provide examples of what sin is. (Someone mentioned playfully, “Turn or burn.”) Pastor Giardino explained why the text of the tract should be much shorter than tracts used in the past; in today’s world, people don’t read as much as they did in the past. He suggested that the tract needs to catch the eye, be shiny with an attractive font, yet pack a punch. Input was received from the men in attendance, who offered ideas and possible bible verses to be included. Gabriel ended or session by saying that a final committee will be chosen to work out the final tract details.

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