Sunday Morning Service: Dragnet

Sunday morning service at Gospel Light… it’s like going back home to be with family. It’s a time and place to recharge our batteries and eat from the Word of God. How empty we’d be with out our church.

Our music specials were performed by the Giardino family. Before the hymns, the foursome of Lori, Michael, Julia, and Ross sang “My Lord Knows the Way Through the Wilderness”, and all we have to do is follow was the hymn’s instructions. Following the hymns, Michael sat at the piano while Lori and Julia sang with him, “I Am Not One of These”. So stirring was the message that many came forward to the alter. As Michael continued to play, Pastor Giardino remarked that the song is about those who died for their faith and that we needed to take a moment to get right with God, to “start a burning revival in your heart.”

Matt 13:47-50 and Eccl 9:11-12 were the introductory bible verses that our pastor read from. His sermon had two titles, “Dragnet” and “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”. He began the sermon with a story from Jack Webb, who played Sergeant Joe Friday (badge # 714) in the TV crime drama, “Dragnet”. The story was about what it’s like to be a cop, with all the pitfalls, frustrations, and problems. This thankless, glamour-less journey of a cop was one that our pastor could relate to, touching him emotionally as he first read the story alone. Pastor Giardino went on to use the badge and the badge number to make points based on bible numerology; 7 is God’s perfect number and 14 is the number of deliverance. The badge represents authority, just as a pastor preaches with authority from the Bible.

Pastor arrived at the second title of his sermon from Matt 13:47-50, where the “good” were gathered, the “bad” were cast away, and the “ugly” were those cast into the furnace of fire. Point 1 of his sermon, “The Good of the Dragnet”, was taught using Psalm 107:23-31, where God calms the storms of man and “bringeth them out of their distresses”.  After your personal troubles, Pastor Giardino told us, “finally God gets your attention.” “Oh that men would praise the LORD for his goodness, and for his wonderful works to the children of men!” Psalm 107:31 was the verse where Pastor had us realize the emotion involved with God’s grace and mercy toward us.

Pastor Giardino closed with  John 21:5 and John 4:31-36. Jesus was teaching his disciples that the “meat” to which he was referring to was “to do the will of him that sent me”. Harvesting souls is to do God’s work. Pastor said, “God need to employ you; God needs to use you to save souls.

One last thought: Sunday afternoon following service was our chance to say goodbye and offer prayers for Ricardo Caletz, U.S. Army, who will be deployed to Afghanistan in October.

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