Apostle Paul’s Recipe for Pillars

At the last Men’s Prayer Breakfast here at Gospel Light Bible Baptist Church, Pastor Scott Strobel of First Bible Baptist Church in Lockport taught about “Pillars” of the church, i.e. righteous men upon which the pastor can rely on. Brother Stobel outlined the essential characteristics required in men who are to be “pillars” for their church.

Recently, the Lord directed my reading to the book of Titus, where I found the apostle Paul exhorting Titus to look for very similar qualifications in the “aged” men of his church who would be “elders” or “bishops”. Paul was using this epistle to encourage his brother in the faith, Titus, whom he had left in Crete to lead the church, which Paul had established on one of his missionary journeys. Titus is instructed in what to look for in leaders for the church.

In no particular order, here are the personal characteristics that Paul recommended to Titus to establish “pillars” for the church in Crete:

    • Blameless, holy
    • Not self-willed, gentle, showing meekness to all
    • Not soon angry, temperate, patient
    • Not given to wine, sober minded, grave
    • No striker, no brawler
    • Sound speech that cannot be condemned, speaking sound doctrine
    • Sound in faith, holding fast the Word
    • A lover of hospitality, sound in charity
    • Showing a pattern of good works
    • A lover of good men, just, sincere
    • Not given to money, showing uncorruptness
    • Subject to principalities and powers

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