Sunday Morning Service: 09-12-10

Every Sunday morning at Gospel Light is memorable for one reason or other; the presence of the Spirit of God is always evident: in the preaching, the fellowship, and the joy.

Random notes on our Sunday morning service:

  • We remember meeting Pastor David Underwood (of Waterloo Baptist Church) at our last Men’s Prayer Breakfast. He was back for a visit with wife and daughter. We must have made quite an impression for him to visit on his vacation.
  • Bernie was missing, but Valerie informed that he had been in NYC at ground zero on Saturday, 9/11.
  • Our first music special was by Carolyn M. on the flute, accompanied by Michael G. on the piano. Our second special was a chorus of 5 men and 5 women, again accompanied by Michael G. on piano.
  • We we told that 125 people attended our Pig-nic on Labor Day.
  • Next Sunday is “Vision Sunday”. A video montage will be used to introduce what’s coming in the future at Gospel Light.
  • This being “Move-Up Sunday”, Bonnie and Jesenia handed out diplomas and gifts to the children moving up to higher level Sunday school classes. It was not without emotion. We hope to post photos in the future.
  • Our pastor continued his sermon (Part II) of “Dragnet” or “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly”. He used an umbrella drop net to illustrate evil nets that may snag us.
  • Pastor Giardino spoke of the letter “F” being the “fool factor”, hooks that get a hold of people. He listed fads, foolishness, over indulgence in fun, fits of anger, fame, fan-antic, fantasy, and throwing away family.
  • The other illustration Pastor G. used made me hungry; it was toward the end of his sermon. He used a machete to split in half a watermelon, illustrating the judgment of God, separating the good seed from the bad.
  • After the invitation, the service ended with a short video about what happens when someone gets a Christian tract. We were admonished to go share our faith before it’s too late.

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