Let Your Love Reach Out – by Bernie Wheater

This is the last in a three part series of poems written by Brother Bernie Wheater. Author’s note: This last poem is very close to me. See if you can figure out why.

Let Your Love Reach Out

Somewhere out there

On life’s winding road

Is a heavy heart

That wants to know

The answers to

This thing called life

Let your love reach out

Let him see the light.

He should be dead

From the things he’s done

Friends that did much less

Are six feet down

The extra fast lane

Just wasn’t fast enough

So it was on the edge

That he chose to run

He had it all

Sex, drugs and rock n roll

But deep inside

He knew there must be more

So for eternal reality

His journey began

He vowed only with total truth

Could his search end

Somewhere out there

In a dark lost world

Is a searching heart

Seeking what’s real

Seeking what’s true

For his shell of clay

Let your love reach out

Let him see the way

He practiced the black arts

Thinking they were white

He searched the lost cord OM

To find it had no light

He read all he could

Confucius, Plato, Socrates

To reach the same dead end

of useless philosophies

In a world of lies

he cried to the night

Where is truth?

Where is light?

Then an amazing book

Brought him to his knees

The wondrous Word of God

That old King James!

Somewhere out there

On a dark and winding road

Is a crying heart

Carrying a heavy load

Seeking for meaning

And seeking for light

Let your love reach out

Let him see the life

With all those he loved

He had to share

But they didn’t want to hear it

They didn’t care

He lost it all

He lost his family

But he heard a call

Come follow me

So from the bottom up

I started over again

With an empty cup

And a new best friend

Through all the pain

Joy never ceased

Beyond understanding

Christ gave me peace.

Somewhere out there

In a dark evil world

Is an empty heart

Seeking to be filled

Seeking for truth

In a world of lies

Let your love reach

Let him see Christ

There’s a big lost world

Right within your reach

Let your love reach out

And supply someone’s need

Just be a friend

Don’t ask them to be yours

And be the light

In their dark world

You don’t need to preach

To share God’s plan

Just pass out tracts

Share a kind word…, lend a hand,

And just believe

He that you have inside

Can change someone’s hell

Into eternal life!!

And never forget

That somewhere out there

In a lost and dying world

Is a lonely heart

Seeking what’s real

Looking for a way

To a better life

Let your love reach out

And let them see Christ.

Just let your love reach out

And through your life

A lost hell-bound soul

Just may see Christ.

Bernie Wheater


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