Sunday morning recap 02-28-10: Brilliance of Salt

After the singing, announcements, and Dean’s guitar solo, Pastor Vince came to the pulpit to thank the congregation for last weeks surprise anniversary celebration. One wonders how thankful because he then searched the backstage room, scanned the congregation, and looked closely into the eyes of several of last weeks conspirators. As he tentatively began his sermon, one had to hope that our nervous pastor never finds out that this week’s collection plate was for his emotional recovery (just kidding folks).

Pastor Vince’s sermon continued on the theme of Salt-lution, this week concentrating on the brilliance of salt and the bible verses Matt 5:13-16. To show the need for brilliance, pastor compared today’s social environment to that of the Fall of Rome and the subsequent Dark Ages. Today we find “intellectual stagnation” and the “dismantling of Christianity.” Pastor Vince asked, “Will we have to go underground as Christians?” He said that God needs us to be salt to reflect the true light of the world which is Jesus and to “season our speech with salt.” He warned that we can, as Christians, lose our savor and become bad salt, consequently becoming “good for nothing” and “not be in God’s salt shaker.” Thus we are in danger of losing our light, joy, love, and fellowship as Christians.

To illuminate his first point, “Operation”, Pastor Vince had two strong humpbacked servants set before the congregation his Frankenstein contraption that he lovingly patched together. The lighting system set before us contained a high-pressure sodium bulb mounted in front of a reflector plate. The lamp was pointed at the congregation, switched on, and it gradually began to gain intensity. It wasn’t long before people were shading there eyes from the light. Perchance our pastor was taking out his revenge for last week, as he then aimed the light directly at Meteo Vazquez (Editor’s note: Superhombre – see a previous blog postingSuperHombre). Some thought they heard a barely perceptible subliminal message being broadcast over the load speakers: “Thou shalt not fool with your pastor.” Today, I’m walking around with a nice tan but I’m still seeing spots.

Of course, Pastor Vince was trying to encourage his flock to be the utmost for the Lord, showing us how bright we should shine for the Lord. “For ye were sometimes darkness, but now are ye light in the Lord: walk as children of light:” Eph 5:8. Just like the high-pressure sodium lamp, we are to reflect God’s light; we are to be high-pressure sodium lamps.

Pastor Vince had time to continue into his second point, “Oversight”, on how you are to illuminate as a light. “When God comes into your life, God illuminates from the inside out.” He explained that what is inside your body and heart will come out: “Your transfusion of love comes out as light for the world to see.”

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