Forgotten Treasure

A man once entered a home in Germany, and found it very wretched — no fire, no furniture, no food.  Everything bore the appearance of utter poverty.  Glancing around, he saw, in a neglected corner, a copy of the Bible, and when he went away, he said to the poor tenants, “There is a treasure in this house that would make you all rich.”

After he had gone, the people began to search the house for what they thought must be a jewel or a pot of gold, and finding nothing, they went to dig up the floor, in hopes of discovering the hidden store of wealth.  Their labors were all in vain.  One day, the mother lifted up the old Bible, and found written on the flyleaf of it, taken from its own pages, these words, “The law of thy mouth is better unto me than thousands of gold and silver.(Ps. 119:72)

“Ah!” she said, “can this be the treasure the stranger spoke of?”  So, she told her thought to the rest of the family.  They began to read the Bible and became changed in character, and the blessings of God came in to stay with them.

The stranger came back to find poverty gone, contentment and peace in its place, and a hearty Christian welcome.  With grateful joy, the family told him, “We found the treasure, and it has proved all that you said to us it would.” – written by Dr. Edmond.

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