Hallowed Be Thy Name

On the morning of Halloween, Pastor Giardino admonished his congregation to “honor the God of Light, not the God of Darkness.” Pastor told how when he was saved, he knew enough to fear the Lord, and we should also learn to fear the right things. His sermon included two bible passages dealing with Jesus casting out devils from people and into swine, Matt 8:28-33 and Mark 5:2-16. We as Christians need to “recognize people with an unclean spirit”, our pastor said. II Cor 6:14-17 warns “touch not the unclean thing” and not to be associated with unbelievers. Similarly, Pastor warned us not to be involved with or watch “unfruitful works of darkness” or “you will be neutralized” as a Christian.

Four news articles were referenced by Pastor Giardino:

  1. A Ghost Walk conducted by the Rochester Landmark Society,
  2. A man who was arrested for sleeping with bones in Mt. Hope Cemetery.
  3. The successful merchandising of the “Friday the 13th” series of movies.
  4. Teenagers in NJ who murdered and dismembered a woman in New Jersey.

The articles were used to demonstrate the current saturation of evil in society. “What the world is celebrating with Halloween is a gateway to other evil”, our pastor stated. People are oppressed by evil spirits year round. We should not be going about provoking evil spirits, but should “be sober and vigilant”, “be steadfast in the faith”, Pastor G. urged. “A child of God should have nothing to do with unclean spirits”, he exclaimed. Pastor used Rev 20:12-13 to how devils will be brought up out of hell, through the sea, and to their ultimate final judgment.

Sunday morning also saw Pastor Giardino baptize two men: John Etter and Jeff Meeker. This blogger hopes to have photos soon. As is often the case, Pastor G. explained the significance of scriptural baptism. Both men gave testimonials, demonstrating their profession of faith.

Our music special was very special. This blogger failed to catch he name of the song, but Grayson’s guitar and voice blended wonderfully with Michael’s piano playing, to the glory of God. The special followed the ethusiastic singing by the congregation of the hymn “It is well with my soul.”

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