Tongues, Signs, and Healings

Wednesday evening service (Oct. 3) at Gospel Light featured the third an final installment of Brother Jeremiah Rodell’s lecture on Charismatics and Pentecostals. This week’s focus was on the proper time and place for the spiritual gifts of tongues, signs, and healings. Churches of today that claim they perform these practices are either fooling themselves or are involved with outright deception.

Brother Jeremiah convincingly demonstrated what the Bible has to say about the gifts of the Spirit. Using the“law of first mention”and pertinent bible passages (I Cor 1:22, I Cor 14:22, Mark 16:15-19, Acts 28:1-6,Exodus 4:8-9,30-31, and others) Brother Jeremiah left no doubt that signs were meant for the Jews only. Belief for the Jewish nation is linked to signs. Once the charity in the early Christian church had matured, then the apostles themselves lost their ability ability to perform the spiritual gifts.The age of the Gentiles had begun.At each Wednesday evening service at GLBBC, a prayer list is handed out amongst the congegation an further prayer requests are solicited. Recently, Pastor Giardino has been having us break up into small prayer groups to petition our Lord and Savior for the needs of those on the list. Whether you make it to Wednesday’s service or not, please remember to pray always for our pastor and for our church family.Our music special for the evening was a song by Doris. Singing at the pulpit, she sang powerful lyrics that made us think and was greeted with many “amen”s.Among the comments and announcements made by Pastor Giardino was an upate on the recent and soon-to-come improvements to the teen room. Beautiful new tiles at the entrance way were just laid down by Bro. Peter with help from Bro. Erminio.The Saturday wedding of Luke and Jesenia was mentioned. A cake and punch reception will be held at Gospel Light on Sunday, Nov. 7th, immediately following the morning service. All are welcome to come and celebrate.

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