Online article asks, “Who is a true Christian?”

Your blogger read an brief online article he wishes to share with you. Written by Pastor John R.E. Chastain of Fundamental Baptist Church (they use the King James Version (1611) of the Bible) in Wellington, Texas, the article deals with apostasy within today’s church. The article was posted on his blog, Fundamental Thoughts, at (a home for Independent Fundamental Baptists blogs). Click on the title below to read the article:

Who Are We?

Here is the opening paragraph:

A major problem facing all Pastors, and consequently the Church remains, “Who is a true Christian?” Without this being defined, we have no idea who is saved, and of course who is not. In terms of denominations, there is not always a clear definable difference for the layman. As a Pastor, generally there is a clear definable difference. Some are more difficult, yet the differences doctrinally exist.

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