Pirates at Sea

On Sunday morning (11-07-10) at GLBBC, Pastor Giardino’s sermon once again took on a nautical theme. He titled this sermon “Pirates at Sea”. After reading his “jump-off” verses, John 10:10 and Psalms 77:12-20, Pastor went on to tell the story of the U.S. Navy’s beginnings under Thomas Jefferson. Merchant ships of the time were in dire need of protection from the Barbary pirates of Tripoli. Even today, Pastor reminded us, piracy continues to be a problem on the high seas.

U.S. Navy bombarding Tripoli

With piracy on our minds, Pastor Giardino then went on to explain the type of piracy that Christians need to be aware of – plundering at the hands of the devil. On the “Ship of Hope and Salvation”, many things can be taken from a Christian’s “cargo hold”: purity, praise, fruit of the Spirit, character, marriage, and everything that is righteous. Pastor said “some of us are almost inviting it.” “Inevitably, the devil will try to hijack your ship”, he said, and try to “steer your ship” to an unsavory port. Admonishing us, Pastor G. continued, “He’ll take your thoughts and ambitions … he wants to pirate your life … there is a price to be paid … we need to fight back.”

1.) Broken Helms – steering our boat with wheel, rudder, and compass.

We need a compass for our lives and it should be the right bible, the “calibrated” King James Bible. “There are too many Christians with broken helms”, our pastor lamented. Some Christians don’t know how to turn away ((II Tim 3:1-5) with their lives “off course”. Pastor Giardino advised us to control our tongues if we “have something evil inside.” The tongue can “defileth the whole body”, James 3:1-6. Whatever is within you will come out of your mouth; what is in your heart controls the helm.

2.) Broken Heads – performing a head-shot to Satan.

Pastor spoke of a recent rescue of a ship captain who had been kidnapped by three Somali pirates. Navy Seal sharp-shooters rescued him by simultaneous “head-shots”. The pirates had no time to respond as they were killed instantly. The way God deals with Satan is by bruising his head (Gen 3:14-15). We need to take advantage of our “high priest”, Jesus Christ, to destroy the works of the devil (Heb 7:23-27, Rom 16:20, I John 3:8-9). “If you are not saved, Satan is holding you hostage”, Pastor Giardino said, “Only Jesus, the ultimate Navy Seal, can save you. A gun is pointed at your back; it’s called death.” Trusting in Jesus will liberate the unsaved.

3.) Brave Hearts – needed to bring the gospel to a dying world.

Pastor said that a brave patriot of the ship of life is a scarce man. We need courage and to be filled with the Spirit. Pastor G. gave two examples of brave men in the bible. Asa needed courage to remove idols out of the land (I Kings 15:11, II Cron 14:11). Paul took courage while being shipped around as a prisoner. He was encouraged by the community of Christianity (Acts 28:15). Likewise, Pastor Giardino explained, we also should take advantage of our church community for encouragement.

The music special for the morning service saw 3 members of the Giardino family, Lori, Julia, and Michael (on piano), harmonizing their voices in praise of the Lord. They sang “His Life For Mine” with great passion.At the end of service, communion (the Lord’ table) was conducted in remembrance of what Christ did for us at Calvary. Pastor reminded us to be sure we were right with God (I Cor 11:28-31) and read from Matt 26:26-29.

Immediately following service was the reception for the newly married couple, Luke and Jesenia. See photos here.

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