New Testament Time Line

This past Sunday (11/14), Pastor Giardino continued with our Total Picture study in the adult Sunday school class. Pastor mentioned that, while we witness to people, we should consider telling them about the judgment that is coming. We should speak from the perspective of prophecy, perhaps saving them with fear, or as Pastor said, “pulling them out of he fire.”

On the white board in front of the class, Pastor G. drew an empty New Testament time-line and had the class participate in filling in the important events. Among those events, in no particular order, were:

The birth of Christ, crucifixion at Calvary, ascension at Mt. Olivet, 2nd coming (advent) at Mt. Olivet, rapture of the church, burial and resurrection, angels announce the birth to Mary, Christ’s baptism, Jesus as a boy preaching in the temple, Christ’s 1st miracle, Christ’s public ministry to the Jews, the 12 apostles, drawing lots to replace Judas, Holy Spirit coming in Acts, time of the Gentiles (586 B.C.), fullness of the Gentiles, Daniel’s 70th week, age of grace, the great commission, time of Jacob’s trouble, 1000 year millennium, sign gifts cease, great tribulation, judgment seat of Christ, great white throne judgment, marriage supper of the Lamb, renovation of the earth, new heavens and new earth, and where we are now.

Continuing with his use of the letter”M”, Pastor Giardino added another heading to those of the past two weeks:


  • God brought salvation to the Jews first and then to the Gentiles (Acts 13:46).
  • No longer a yoke upon the neck of believers, but by grace we are saved (Acts 15:5-12).
  • Paul finally departs from the Jews and goes to the Gentiles (Acts 18:5-6).

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