The Dog That Got Another Chance

The Dog That Got Another Chance

by C. H. Spurgeon

Some years ago, I was walking in the garden one evening, and I saw a stray dog. I had received information that he was in the habit of visiting my grounds, and that he did not in the least assist the gardener, and therefore his attentions were not desired. As I walked along one Saturday evening meditating upon my sermon, I saw this dog busily doing mischief to my garden. I threw my stick at him, and told him to go home.

What do you think he did? Instead of bearing or grinding his teeth at me, or hurrying off with a howl, he looked at me very pleasantly, took up my stick in his mouth, and brought it to me and then, wagging his tail, he laid the stick at my feet.

Tears were in my eyes. The dog had beaten me. I said, “Good dog! Good dog; you may come here whenever you like after that.”

Why had the dog conquered me? Because he had confidence in me, and would not believe that I could mean him any hurt. To turn to grander things, the Lord himself cannot resist humble confidence in Him. Do you not see how a sinner brings, as it were, the rod of justice to the Lord, and cries, “If thou smite me, I deserve it, but I submit to thee?”

The great God cannot spurn a trustful heart. It is impossible. He were not God if He could cast the soul away that implicitly relies in Him. This is the power of faith, then, and I marvel not that the Lord should have chosen it, for believing is a thing most pleasing to God. O, that you would all trust Him! When God lifts his sword against you, run into his arms. When He threatens you, grasp His promise. When He chastens you, fly to His dear Son. Trust the foot of the cross for His full atonement, and you will be saved.

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