REPOST: Pastor Appreciation Day Surprise

February 21, 2010 was a day set aside for Pastor Appreciation Day at our church (Gospel Light Bible Baptist Church). Check it out. Pastor Vince Giardino was very, very surprised!

This video was re-posted by special request. We’re reliving the wonderful moments at Gospel Light.

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  1. Mrs. G
    Mrs. G says:

    I love watching this! It’s not often we can pull one over on my husband, but this was one of those great occasions. So much fun! Love you Vince!

  2. Joe Beilman
    Joe Beilman says:

    Mateo, here is the video you requested. I realize that blog posts can get buried and are hard to find. Enjoy.

  3. mateo vazquez
    mateo vazquez says:

    I get a kick out of this video every time I see it!! It’s like reliving the moment every time!! We Love You Pastor G!! Thanks for being such a great sport!!

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