A Night to Remember: Thankgiving Eve

This blogger and his family attended last year’s Thanksgiving Eve Service and found it to be very inspiring. Thus, we were greatly looking forward to this year’s service; we were not disappointed. God was greatly praised and we were greatly blessed. What follows is a play-by-play recap of the activities.As we settled into our seats, the opening music was by Raquel C. on piano and Julia G. on piano. Bonnie V. then led the children’s choir up on stage to conduct the singing of “I Want to Praise Him One More Time”. Abigail D. was the lead singer in a chorus that greatly exalted our Lord.Pastor Vince Giardino expressed his hope that, with all of us pitching in, we could have “a nice quaint service” to thank our Lord God on this Thanksgiving Holiday. He introduced the newly married couple, back from their honeymoon, Luke and Jesenia C. They came forward, and at the pulpit, gave thanks and testimonies of what God is doing in their lives. Then Jesenia her mike over to the piano, and while Michael G. played, the two sang for us “Your Grace Still Amazes Me” as a duet.

…But we weren’t through with duets. Brenda D. and Derek M. combined beautifully to sing “And the Angels Call Him Jesus”. Many an “amen” were uttered as they stepped down from the pulpit.

Throughout the service, bible verses were quoted by Pastor G. to remind us to be thankful. Pastor noted that we all have gratitude inside of us, but said “silent gratitude isn’t much use to anyone”; he encouraged volunteers from his congregation to stand and express their thanks. Pastor called his son Michael holding the wireless microphone “a roving Mike-Mike”, his job being to hand the microphone to each person wishing to give a testimony. His sister Julia led off to get the ball rolling. After several gave witness to what God had done for them in the past year, our pastor continued by saying “pound for pound” our church has quite a bit of talent. Much that has been accomplished over the years “would not have been done without people rolling up their sleeves”, he continued. Pastor likened his role as a symphony director, thanked the Lord for us, and expressed what a blessing it is to be our pastor.

Derek stepped forward again, this time with Grayson K. and his guitar. The pair sang a duet (of course) titled, “Drinking from My Saucer Lord, ‘Cause My Cup is Overflowed”. Grayson is remarkably talented with guitar and banjo.

Next up was Rachel O. with her violin. Michael accompanied on the piano. With her violin-playing interspersed throughout, Rachel’s singing of “Upon the Cross of Calvary, the Savior Died for Me” was one of the most stirring performances at Gospel Light in recent memory. “Powerful!” said an impressed Pastor G.

A second round of testimonies from the congregation came next. Rey C. was heard to say, “The more you pray, the more you see … the Lord is always there.” Jeremiah R. testified, “I drive an answer to prayer … He is faithful, He’s good, He always provides.” Pearl C. asked us to pray for her son Rico, who is in the service and overseas. Pastor Giardino asked us to pray for his wife Lori, who was home with the flu. Pastor reminded us to “Thank the Lord” for His Word, the King James Bible, which is “pure” and “perfect”. Michael expressed his thanks to all those who work behind the scenes to make things ready for service. He also gave special thanks to Gail Hamilton (i.e. “Mrs. Humbleton”) as the “faithful church pianist”.

The evening’s last duet was provided by Julia and Michael (with Michael once again at the piano) singing “Amazing Grace”. Harmony like that can only come from siblings.

Lastly, Pastor G. announced that more testimonies will be solicited at this coming Sunday evening’s service. He asked our visiting pastor, Ed Hart of Lighthouse Baptist Church, Hinesburg, Vermont, to dismiss us in prayer.

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