History can be a fascinating field of study. Thus, please focus your attention on a 200-year old letter written by Baptists. This letter will open your eyes to the flagrant indifference of American citizens today toward their freedoms and liberties. The contrast to the attitudes in our country’s early years, where the people had just finished a long and grueling battle with Britain to win independence, is striking. Read this article by an association of Baptist churches to President Thomas Jefferson and you will understand the enormous respect and gratitude they had for the freedoms they enjoyed. Then think about our country today, where the biggest theft of freedom and liberty the world has ever seen is occurring out in the open, right before the people’s eyes. Our government, at all levels, through the use of progressive tactics, is instituting socialism at an alarming pace. But the American people have been made ignorant by our public schools, our colleges, and our news media. We have been blinded by propaganda and made comatose by meaningless distractions and fruitless materialism.

To read the article, click on the link below. Understand the profound sense of gratitude that these Baptist men had for the freedoms they had been blessed with, freedoms we take for granted at our own peril.

A letter to President Thomas Jefferson from the North Carolina Chowan Baptist Association (Dated May 20, 1806)

Note: The Chowan Baptist Association was organized May 16-18, 1806 at Salem M. H., Pasquotank County, North Carolina. These Baptists greatly appreciated their religious liberty. The letter they wrote to Thomas Jefferson expressed their gratitude. Jefferson’s reply is also included.

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