A Visit from the Rodrigues Family

At our Wednesday evening service (12-1-10) at Gospel Light, we were both honored and enraptured by the visit of David and Jill Rodrigues and their nine children. Brother David introduced us to their testimony and ministry by way of a DVD slide show up on the big white screen in front. They belong to Lighthouse Baptist Church in Horseheads, NY where Bro. David has used his extensive printing experience to create Lighthouse Publications, a worldwide gospel tract publishing ministry. Joining forces with Dr. Joe Miller, they have been able to produce over 600,000 copies since this past summer, many in foreign languages. We were asked to support them through prayer for a full color press and additional facilities.

Following the presentation, we were treated to the musical talents of the Rodrigues family:

  • “That Wonderful Work Divine” was sung by the entire family, with Jill on banjo, David on guitar, and one of the daughters on harmonica.
  • “I Know the Master of the Wind” was sung by Jill while on piano and by their oldest daughter, who also played harp.
  • “Will You Spread the Good News (to those who never heard)” again saw Jill on piano while singing with four of the children, three of whom played a type of mouth organ and the fourth on harmonica.

***** Please see the end of this post for a sampling of photos. *****

As is always the case during our Wednesday evening prayer meetings, we spent time praying for those on the prayer request sheets as well as for the spoken requests. Brother Jeremiah led us in prayers.

Pastor Giardino blessed us with a mini-sermon that he said was “important for the days we live in.” He recalled a religious TV show that he had seen while in his 20’s. A distinguished gentleman was speaking about the Worldwide Church of God. This turned out to be Armstrongism, a cult followed by millions of people that our pastor called “way out there”.

As a preface to talking about how cults and other religions view Christ, Pastor Giardino used the following scripture passages to firmly establish the true nature of Christ Jesus as God manifest in the flesh. Please take the time to read I John 4:1-3, II John 1:7, Romans 1:3, and John 1:11-13.  Pastor then explained in brief how each of the following religious organizations distorts the truth about Christ: Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Armstrongism, Unification Church, Christian Science, Spiritism, Islam, and Buddhism. The methods by which Jesus is reduced are through misinterpretation of scripture, false logic, false prophets, false doctrine, mischaracterization, and, in the case of Buddhism, exclusion.

A few announcements and reminders were made along the way:

  • Two will be baptized this coming Lord’s Day in our evening service.
  • Scott Ellis will be teaching on Calvinism at the Wednesday evening services throughout this coming January.
  • Next Wednesday, Bernie W. will cover the topic of Scientology (think Tom Cruise).
  • This Friday at 5:30 PM, teens need to be at Gospel Light for the trip to the Youth Rally at Walker BBC. Peter Bard and Pastor Giardino will lead the group.

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