Newest Photo Album: The GLBBC Christmas Drama

Christmas at Home“, the Christmas drama presented by Gospel Light Bible Baptist Church, had its first run last evening, Friday December 10th. The cast included Linden Overhiser, Jr. as the doctor, Ross Giardino as Emmanuel Christmas McLaw, Roxanne Worsech as Elizabeth McLaw, Leah Giardino as the nurse, and Gabriel Gonzales as the narrator. Mateo Vazquez was the choir director and Peter Bard was the children’ choir director. The pianists were Raquel Caletz, Julia Giardino, and Gail Hamilton. Stage hands were Peter Bard and Steve Derefinko. Sound was by Pearl Caletz and Michael Giardino. Lighting was done by John Waterstraw.

An album of photos from this first performance can be found in the Gospel Light Photographs Gallery. The photo were taken by your blogger and his wife from our seats, so the quality is not always the best. We’d like to share them with you, so we posted them this morning. Click the button below to go directly to the album.

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