Sunday School Discussion – Eternal Security

Adult Sunday School Class, GLBBC, December 12, 2010

Topic 1: The Seven Churches of Asia – Rev 2-3

  1. Church at Ephesus – to 100 AD
  2. Church at Smyrna – to 313 AD
  3. Church at Pergamos – to 500s
  4. Church at Thyatira – to mid 1500s
  5. Church at Sardis – to late 1700s
  6. Church at Philadelphia – to mid 1800s
  7. Church at Laodicea – the end-time church

For a copy of the full chart handed out in class, click HERE.

Topic 2: Eternal Security – Which verses prove the new birth process is irreversible, ironclad, and can’t be debated?

Please read Col 2:8-13 and note “ye are circumcisedputting off the body of sins”. Please also read I John 3:9Whosoever is born of God doth not commit sin; for his seed remaineth in him: and he cannot sin, because he is born of God”.

Pastor Giardino taught that when you are saved, “the Holy Spirit came inside you and put his seed in you.” There was a “spiritual operation” where sin was cut away from inside you, a circumcision with a “spiritual scalpel”, he said. Pastor continued, saying “Once you are in Christ and the incorruptible seed is in you, it’s irreversible – you can’t undo that … there is spiritual DNA planted inside you!”

We were warned that some churches get in trouble by removing “eternal security” from their doctrine. An example of this is when they misinterpret Matt 12:31. This passage does not apply to a saved Christian, who can’t grieve the Holy Spirit, being born of the Spirit and sealed. This scripture was meant for Israel and the Pharisees.

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