Dwelling With The Word

Our Total Picture bible study this Sunday morning was lead off with Brother Rey Caletz walking us through the New Testament time line. This was followed up by Brother Bernie Wheater who spoke about an “amazing” handout from a few weeks back. It uses the alphabet to sequentially go through the life events of Jesus Christ. Our shepherd, Pastor Vince Giardino, reiterated the purpose of our Sunday school class, which is to equip us to know the bible and answer gainsayers.

Pastor’s study this December morning was about Dwelling with the Word:

  1. Initialize the Word: Pastor said we need to initialize the Word, where initialize means to start from the beginning. In I John 1:1, the word “That” refers to Jesus. Pastor used this verse to show that we need to be handling the Word of life, to take seriously the bible.
  2. Identify the Word: We should identify where we are according to prophecy. We also need to “identify who we are” and “who we really need to be”, Pastor G. said.
  3. Investigate the Word: “Study to show yourself worthy”, Pastor Giardino reminded us, and “rightly divide the Word.” We need to have a desire for knowledge and know where to find it. Pastor spoke of his library for study and devotion and recommended that we also read as much as we can.
  4. Interpret the Word: “The bible is a big puzzle”, our pastor said. Isaiah 28:9-13 teaches how to understand doctrine, “precept upon precept; line upon line”. We are to be “weaned from the milk” or the easy things of the Word of God. (See also I Peter 2:2.)
  5. Internalize the Word: We need the bible inside of us, in our hearts. We should be memorizing scripture and meditating on the Word of God day and night. Please refer to Psalms 1:1-2 and Joshua 1:8.
  6. Incarnating the Word: We should be living and breathing the Word of God. It should be “part of your anatomy” our pastor inferred. Just as “the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us”, John 1:14, so also should we be embodied with the Word.
  7. Imparting the Word: Talking about Jesus should be part of our lives. We are impelled to preach the Word to the world, imparting truth to others. Read Luke 14:23.

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