Wednesday Night Review: 03-03-10

Good morning to all Gospel Light brothers and sisters. The new hymn books have arrived.  They are very handsome volumes and were used for the first time.  Special care was taken with the bindings when each was opened for the first time.

Mateo read an informative missionary letter from Jake Huussen, who has been in Amsterdam, Holland, for 15 years.  His daughter will soon be married. The Huussen family is one of the many missionary families that GLBBC supports.

Prayer requests were taken by Pastor Vince from the pulpit and were added to the prayer request list that was handed out earlier.  The congregation then broke up into small prayer groups for a short while.

Pastor Vince introduced the EvangeCube, a seven panel cube that tells the story of the Gospel of Christ in pictures.  These are available by ordering and may be used in your evangelism efforts.  A short video was presented demonstrating the use of the cube.  King James instruction pamphlets are available for downloading. Eband gospel bracelets were also shown.

A show of hands was made for those who will be attending this Friday’s Youth Rally at Elbridge.  Many young people’s hands went up.

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