God’s Plan

The commencement of the Wednesday evening service at Gospel Light was highlighted by the harmonious voices of a mixed choir of children and adults singing unto the Lord the Christmas Carol “Silent Night”. Raquel C. ably accompanied on piano. Michael G. then took her place at the piano to play during the special offering for the Parfitt family and Old Paths Bible Baptist Church.

The sermon delivered by Pastor Vince Giardino centered on “God’s Plan”, one that involved God’s recognition that “our greatest need was forgiveness.” The solution within the plan was to send humanity a savior.

Pastor read to us two poems from a dusty old book, “The Christmas Witness” (the star of Bethlehem was the witness) and “On Christmas Day” (delineating the delights of the day). He remarked how some in Christian circles have decided not to celebrate Christmas at all, finding the pagan aspects objectionable. However at the other extreme, there are those who go all out, being drawn in by the entire Christmas culture. Disregarding these two polar opposites, our Pastor simply views Christmas as a most wonderful and ideal season in which to preach the message of Christ, His birth and the redemption of mankind. Thus did Pastor begin to teach us about God’s plan and Christ’s part in it.

God Made a Move: Pastor G. pointed out two prophecies in Gen 3:14-15. The first is about a “seed”, which is that a savior will come. But this seed is “her seed” (i.e. Eve’s) and a woman has not a seed but an egg. From this we conclude the coming of a virgin birth. The second prophecy is the bruising of Satan’s head by the “seed” (meaning Jesus Christ). Because of Romans 16:20, “And the God of peace shall bruise Satan under your feet shortly”, Pastor Giardino believes the bruising will occur at a future time, at the second advent of Christ.

God Made a Means: I John 4:9 tells us that “God sent his only begotten Son into the world, that we might live through him.” Moreover, in I John 3:5 we learn that Jesus “was manifested to take away our sins”. This was God’s means of redemption in His plan. Pastor had us laughing as he then sang, “Mary Had a Little Lamb”. Isn’t it cuddly?” he added. But as usual, there was method to his madness; Pastor G. pointed out that the word “lamb” appears 29 times in the book of Revelation, 28 times directly referring to Jesus Christ. “He is no longer a cuddly baby in a manger”, Pastor declared, but “a knight in shining armor.” Various scripture verses dealing with Christ as the “Lamb” were referenced: John 1:29, 35, Acts 8:32-35, I Peter 1:18-21, Rev 5:11-14, and Rev 7:9-10. These verses describe various roles and attributes of our Lord and Savior as the Lamb of God. “Because redemption was on God’s mind, Pastor said, and “because of God’s love, He has a plan.” That plan is salvation for humanity through the Lamb.Don’t Miss This:The Back Pew” has a creative and funny take on God’s Plan. Click HERE to see it.

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