Hoping for Heaven Sunday AM

After lifting our voices in song and greeting visitors, Pastor got down to business. He introduced his sermon title;

Last Thread Of Hope, part 2.

We were reassured that there wouldn’t be any Kool-aid passed around. For which we were all very thankful! Amidst the smiles, chuckles and laughs,  Pastor asked the question. ” Have you lost your amen yet?” We could be at the place where the trumpet could sound at any moment.  Jesus became a man that we could become the sons of God. The libraries of the world are filled with books written about Him. Jesus – the perfect one, altogether lovely. ‘A June wedding sounds good, right?’ we were asked? A little nugget to get us excited for Heaven. What if you are called into question as a Christian. Are you talking about the Hope that God gave us?

Pastor’s first point of his sermon, ” Take Aim” our text verse Proverbs 13:12 ‘Hope deferred maketh the heart sick, but when the desire cometh, it is a tree of life. Most of the time we try to control our lives  by leaving God out in the everyday things. The bible is full of stories of hope. Did you know the first mention of the word ‘hope; is in the Book of Ruth 1:12. In the book of Psalm 119, the word hope is mentioned 8 times. Pastor encouraged us to not give up when we are going through trials and tribulations. The worst place to be is alone when things get tough. So many times we are reminded to not trust our feelings. We are to look at what tripped us up and learn the lesson so we don’t have to go through it again. Forfeit our failures. Why not buddy up with someone who has a failure and try to help them and give them some hope. It is good for an unsaved person to see an unashamed Christian praying in public for their food. Be real. Let your Christianity show! Paul was on a course and he finished it. Why not you and me?
The Holy King James Bible is our prescription to cure us from the disease of sin and this world. A low aim never hit a high mark.
Point number two: Give it Air. Pastor asked the congregation, ‘When was the last time you prayed for 15 minutes on your face? ‘Then we wonder why we don’t have any hope? The Chilean miners never gave up hope that they would be rescued. Oh to breathe fresh air again. After 67 days, they were more than excited. Some of you here are just breathing pew air ( Present, Evil, World) air.  If a decorated church and some fellowship is our only hope, then are we a most miserable people.
Lastly, Give it your all.

Pastor ended his sermon on hope by saying, “You can know the Bible but some unsaved people won’t care how much you know. They will notice how much we care about them and where they will spend eternity.” People can tell if you care or not. If you care, give it your all. Humble yourself. Christ gave us a perfect example by coming down from heaven and dying on the cross for an unsaved world. Let us take another look at our text verse. Proverbs 13:12 Hope deferred maketh the heart sick: but when the desire cometh, it is a tree of life.” Where is YOUR hope?

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