Youth Ablaze – February 18-20

Dear Pastors, Youth Pastors and friends,

Greetings from Chili Bible Baptist Church! Our 19thAnnual Youth Rally time has arrived again and I trust you are still “blessed” from last year! We are earnestly preparing and praying for God to meet with us again this year. Amazed in 2010!

Youth Ablaze 2010 is February 18-20th and our main preacher is Pastor Eddie Wyatt of Happy Valley Baptist Church in Villa Rica, Georgia and our guest mystery preacher will grace us with a blessing I assure you. We need to get back to basics of letting God “Bless” us as we turn our hearts toward Him to live holy and to boldly proclaim His Amazing Saving Grace to a society starving for answers. We will do our very best as every effort has been made in this direction .We need God’s grace like never before! Oh…What wonderful matchless Grace!

We are asking you to bring your churches banner for the Parade of Banners” on Friday night. Our identity lies in submission to uncompromising preaching from the 1611 King James Bible and the authority of the local Baptist church . We absolutely need God to smile His Grace down on His own! Glory! Amen Preachers! Also if anyone plays an instrument please bring for the orchestra.

From February 1-21st would you have your people join with our church to fast, pray and read the Bible more then ever for those 21 days? What a difference that would make as we all come already prepared with a right attitude to do business with God.

Would you consider bringing a group for all or part of the rally? We would be honored that you would entrust us with your people these days before God. Every effort has been made to reap the greatest spiritual benefits possible for all in attendance. We thank you in advance for responding as we anticipate a refreshing and convicting meeting. Let’s desire to be Amazed by His Grace in 2010 and expect great and wonderful things. See you at the meetin’or in the air!

Just a Sinner saved by Amazing Grace!”

Pastor Hal Roscoe

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