Our Wednesday evening at GLBBC

As is the case on most Wednesday evenings, each of us in the congregation were handed a prayer sheet that listed the requests of those needing prayer. Further requests are always solicited by Pastor Giardino, who led his congregation in prayer on this evening, petitioning our dear Lord and Savior for his grace and mercy for those in need.

The pitfalls and heresies of Calvinism has been the topic of Scott Allis for the past few weeks on Wednesday evenings as part of GLBBC series on cults. Brother Allis continued this evening, concentrating on two of the major tenets, first on “Total Depravity” and then on “Unconditional Election”. His goal was to show the heresy behind these doctrines by using the scriptures to refute them. A major pitfall in Calvinism was shown to be taking scripture out of context; they don’t rightly divide the Word of Truth. “They try to change the truth into a greater truth to lead the people away from the only Truth”, Bro. Allis explained. After taking a portion of scripture of of context, Calvinists then elaborate a complete doctrine on their deductions. However, 2 Peter 1:20 states, “Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation.

We encourage you to sit in on the next installment this coming Wednesday evening since Brother Scott Allis usually will catch us up with a review of the past weeks teachings. Eventually we hope to have his work posted in the Cult Series Library in this blog. All Wednesday evening teaching are recorded for posting on the church web site.

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