We arrived this morning to attend Adult Sunday School at Gospel Light and found an expanded white board! The Total Picture New Testament time line was now extended across double the length as before, providing much more room for the time line events, thanks to the hard work of Rey Caletz. Pastor Vince Giardino began by marching us through the time line, from the 1st advent of Christ straight through to the New Earth. “Repetition is a good teacher” he said.

Gabriel G. also had a chance to run through the time line. He spoke of the 7 churches in Revelation, being both actual churches of the time and the seven ages of the Gentile church. He added detail to the four gospels, briefly mentioning each book’s point of view:

  • Matthew was about Jesus as king,
  • Mark was written to show Jesus as a servant,
  • Luke saw Jesus as the Son of Man,
  • John was written with Jesus being the Son of God and was from the “perspective of the church looking backward”, Gabriel said.

Many points were made this morning and your blogger tried to catch as many as he could. In no logical order, I’ll list them as such:

  • In the Old Testament, it was not possible to be perfect. But in the New Testament, we are made perfect through Christ’s death and resurrection. Pastor G. emphasized that “perfect does not mean flawless.”
  • Pastor spoke of the apostasy of the church at the beginning of the last century, where many false bibles were introduced and many break-away churches were formed based on false teachings and bad doctrine.
  • Matt 15:27 was cited to reiterate that Jesus came to save the Jews first. “There is a lot going on in Matthew that does not apply to us”, the church, taught Pastor Giardino. We need to “rightly divide the Word”.
  • Two passages, Acts 13:46 and Acts 18:6, were used to show how, after being rejected by the Jews, Paul turned toward the Gentiles, which was his mission.
  • As seen in the book of Acts, signs were used “to energize the early church”, Pastor reminded us, but these signs went away as the Gentile church became mature (see 1 Cor 13:10).
  • In the old testament, the temple was built according to God’s ordinances and when complete, was filled with God’s glory. Today, we are God’s temple and are filled with His Spirit.
  • Pastor G. defined “parable” as a heavenly truth told in an earthly, familiar form.
  • A table of ION words, taken from Hebrews 9 & 10, was introduced and a handout was passed out listing some of them. (More handouts with ION words will be made available in the next few weeks.) Pastor called these words “the nuts and bolts of proper theology” and are helpful in properly navigating in the bible.
  • The first of the ION words, Ordination, was discussed. The ordinances spoken of were from the “first covenant” (Heb 9:1) in the Old Testament and describe the heavenly pattern being copied on earth. But this was just “a shadow of good things to come” (Heb 10:1) with Christ as the “high priest” of “a greater and more perfect tabernacle” (Heb 9:11).

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