“Be not soon shaken in mind” 2 Thess 2:2

The congregation at Gospel Light partook of the Lord’s Supper this past Sunday evening. Pastor Vince Giardino read Isaiah 53:1-12, which is a prophecy of the perfect sacrifice of Christ and what he went through for our redemption. We were given time to reflect on the passage and search our hearts. Men of the church passed out, first, the unleavened bread. Pastor read Mark 14:22, Brother Peter B. prayed, and the bread was eaten. After the grape juice was passed out, Pastor read Mark 14:24, Brother Kevin S. prayed, and the juice was drunk.

Our music special during the service saw Leah Bard singing “Heaven, Can You Imagine” and Michael G. ably accompanying on piano. Leah gets the “cool as a cucumber” award for pushing through the song despite sound system problems.

Pastor Giardino began his seventh message on the mind by reading James 1:8, “A double minded man is unstable in all his ways” as his key verse. The first point our pastor wished to make was that “the bible is a medicine cabinet of help for the Christian.” It is the place we need to go for our troubles.

In introducing the idea of double mindedness, Pastor told the story of Sir Thomas More, Chancellor of England who refused to live a life of duplicity. He was convicted of treason for refusing to take the oath declaring the king the Supreme Head of the English Church; to More, God came first. Thus Pastor asked us, “Are you two-faced? Are you paying allegiance to something beyond God?”

In order to help us not to fall into double mindedness, Pastor G. reviewed the many positive “doubles” God placed in His Word:

  • The double-rest for a child of God in Matt 11:28-29.
  • The double-character of priesthood in I Pet 2:5-9.
  • The double-place and freedom in John 10:9.
  • The double-protection from the shepherd in Num 27:16-17.
  • The double-abiding and continual faithfulness in John 15:7.
  • The double-peace to gladden our hearts in John 14:27.
  • The double-presence of the Lord in your life in John 14:17.
  • The double-association with Christ in Gal 2:20.

Two passages of scripture, 2 Thess 2:1-2 and Jam 1:2-6, were used to show, that in the end times, before the rapture of the church, God’s people will experience mind warfare. There will be a “trying of faith” in “the day of Christ”. It is the characteristic of a Laodicean Christian to vacillate and be “shaken in mind”. Bringing to mind a cattle prod, Pastor said “Sometimes Christians need to be prodded due to their double mindedness” to help set things right.

We were then admonished to not have a double standard with respect to persons. Reading from James 2:1-7, our pastor warned against judging others and displaying differential treatment of others based on appearance, on how much they give, or other superficial qualities. “Everybody is welcome” at Gospel Light “and is supposed to fit”, Pastor stated. Having a double standard “will wreck your Christianity”, he warned. Citing John 12:42-43, Pastor then warned against seeking approval from men rather than seeking “the praise of God”.

Pastor asked his congregation, “Are you confessing Christ openly and publicly before men?” (refer to Matt 10:32 and Luke 12:8). “The judgment seat of Christ is going to be a fearful thing”, he continued, “We will have to give an account of what we have done for Him.” “We are two-timers; we cheat on God; we’re not faithful to Him”, Pastor said. Further, he reminded, “Be not shaken in mind. This is what goes on before the coming of Christ: double mindedness.” We were then called to examine ourselves, whether we be in the faith and many went forward to the alter.

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