GLBBC Magazine: Celebrity Profiles

Volume 6: A continuing series of celebrity interviews with the ladies of Gospel Light.

Behind the scenes with Bonnie Vazquez.

Questions and Answers: Because an inquiring church congregation wants to know.


In high school, were you cool/nerdy/tomboy/other? Cool… I was a cheerleader

What was your first impression of your husband after meeting for the first time? Wow, Why can’t God give me someone like him??

What is your favorite TV show ever? Anything with Shirley Temple

What is guaranteed to make you laugh every time? Mateo… he is soooo funny

If you could relive one moment, what would it be? My wedding day!

What is your favorite meal? Artichoke chicken

What is your worst kept secret about yourself? I’m very shy =)

What is the worst kept secret about your husband? He’s truly from another planet

What’s in your glove compartment? How should I know??

How old are you? 41

What do you do to relax? Work out

What is the next movie you want to see) ? Tangled (again)

What is your dream job? My dream job would be to stay at home

If you had the means to travel anywhere, where would you go? Spain/ Hawaii

What is something people would find surprising about you? I used to break dance

No really, how old are you? 41

Describe your personal style? From one extreme to another

What was the first car you ever drove? Ford Escort

Do you have any hidden talents? no

What is one thing that your husband owns that you wish you could throw out?

A very ugly, old-man, checkered jacket

What was your first job? Waitress at my dad’s restaurant “Cavalier”

Besides the Bible, what is your favorite book? Jesus Is Calling daily devotional

Did you have a nickname as a child or in school? What was it? Bon- Bon

Outside of family, who was the first boy you ever kissed? Hmmmmmmm?? no.

What is your favorite binge/junk food? What Isn’t???

To you, what animal makes the ideal pet and why? Dog.. . It’s GOD spelled backwards and their Unconditional love

What one thing, not person or pet, would you save in fire? My Cell phone

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