Trust in the Lord, and thou shalt be fed.

This past Sunday (02-06-11), Old Time Baptist Church in Hamburg, NY, was kind enough to let GLBBC borrow one of their associate pastors for the morning service. With Pastor Vince Giardino being away, Brother Craig Cobb stopped by to feed the flock. Brother Cobb started by asking, “For how many of you, this is your first time to hear me preach?” A sprinkling of hands went up and his response was, “I’ll pray for ya.” Brother Cobb had us laughing for a while with his stories and then reasoned, “If you can’t have a good time in church, then something is wrong. If you are here and you are saved, then we’re family.” That day being “Super Bowl Sunday” with the game starting at 6:30 PM, Bro. Cobb warned, “If you don’t come to church tonight, I pray your TV blows up … and you have to go out and buy a new one.” Several in the congregation were out shopping on Monday.As he began his sermon, Brother Cobb said, “There are two kinds of people: those that love preaching and those that do not.” “We live in exciting times”, he said and had us flip to Psalms 37:1-4 in our bibles. Bro. Cobb said not to worry about what the world does, “the world’s days are limited … Satan’s days are numbered.” Why are we, God’s people, envying what the world has?”, he asked. Psalms 37:3, “Trust in the Lord, and do good … and verily thou shalt be fed”, is a promise from God. “So why do people waver and get nervous?”, he wondered.

Brother Cobb then read Psalms 37:4, “Delight thyself also in the Lord; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart”, a verse that is often misinterpreted. It’s not our personal wants that the verse is referring to, but to what we need. Nevertheless, he pointed out that, “when we are loving God, we are going to want the right things. When we get right with God, He will bring those righteous things to you.” Defining the word “delight” in the passage as “a high degree of pleasure and satisfaction of the mind”, Bro. Cobb warned not to get our pleasure and satisfaction from the things in this world, “but from God himself.”

James 4:3 is a very enlightening verse: “Ye ask, and receive not, because ye ask amiss, that ye may consume it upon your lusts” and greatly reinforced Brother Cobb’s message. Likewise does Eph 2:3, saying that, before we were saved, we fulfilled “the desires of the flesh and of the mind; and were by nature the children of wrath”. The people of Saint Lucia were used as an example of people who had very little material wealth, but were happy nonetheless. Because they praise and love God, they are happy. “We’ve got it too good in America; we are spoiled”, Bro. Cobb pointed out. With all the wealth of this nation, we are ungrateful of God’s blessings. “As children of God, we ought to be satisfied with God, even if that’s all we had.”, he counseled.

First and foremost, Brother Cobb taught, “We ought to delight in the Lord … God wants us to want Him.” But just as in 2 Chron 15:4, “they in their trouble did turn unto the Lord” we are often too busy to turn to God until we are in trouble. “The most basic job of a Christian”, Bro. Cobb said, was to “have a secret place to use every day to read the bible and pray.” “We have to crucify our flesh for that secret place with the Lord”, he continued, “if we delight ourselves in the Lord, it won’t be hard.” He had us pick up our hymn books and turn to Hymn #391, “I’d Rather Have Jesus”. Line by line, we read the hymn’s message. “I’d rather have Jesus than silver or gold … really?”, Brother Cobb asked, “but what about when the bills are due?” He said we have problems today because we let our flesh dictate our desires. In 2 Chron 15:12, with a covenant, the people promised to seek God first. Brother Cobb advised, “You have to determine to put God first!”

Half-hearted Christians was Brother Cobb’s next topic, “people who don’t think God is important enough to show up for Sunday school or Sunday night service.” “Morning Glories” he called people that just show up for Sunday morning services. Even then, “their body is here but their mind is on other things“, he said. It’s never OK to put God any other place but first”, he exclaimed. We are not going to survive in our Christian lives by putting the things of this world first. We are “in a dry and thirsty land” (Psalms 63:1), like David was. “The American lifestyle is quickly coming to an end”, Brother Cobb warned. We have confusion in our lives because we have chosen new gods (see Judges 5:8). However, God will help us (see Psalms 63:7), if only we would spend time “walking and talking with Him”, Bro. Cobb said; without God, “we fall flat on our face”. “Follow God and He won’t leave us”, he concluded.

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