Message from Pastor Vince to Other Pastors

Dear Brethren,

Good morning brothers and maybe some sisters in the Lord! The sermons of the last two Men’s Prayer Breakfasts are on our church web-site ready

To prime your pump (Evangelist James Walker & Pastor Dickson Beam)…just excellent “stuff” !  Bro. Zac Dressner and I are looking forward next Saturday, March 13th, to having you attend this exciting event. Many of us are pushing through  e.g. >>the “funk” of winter , sicknesses, low offerings, people’s problems, an inept government (Governor Patterson)….the “junk” keeps rolling and always will ‘till Jesus air-lifts us out of here or your “appointed time” Job 7:1.

There have been bright spots of encouragement though! Youth Ablaze 2010 was a bright spot (PTL for bro. Roscoe’s labor and vision), and last night at Calvary BBC  was a bright spot in Elbridge NY! I attended this Youth rally with some of my teens as Bro. George Berkinshaw and his church hosted this event…a “lover of good men”. His folks do a great job anytime I attend there for any special meeting for they are truly given to hospitality. The music, games, food and PREACHING by his young men was edifying!

HIGH HEAVENLY EXPECTATIONS of next Saturday’s Men’s Prayer Breakfast is simmering! At  9am and a quick-to-follow  11:00am outreach to help plant a church in the city of Rochester is “bonus material” in our weekly grind for the Lord’s work…wouldn’t you say?

Pastor Willie O’dell of Hunter’s Creek BBC will give the charge… I can’t wait! I’m asking for pastors that are reading this to please send me confirmation for those attending. I truly believe the momentum with many Baptist Churches to co-op in this Endeavour will be blest of the Lord. It’s somewhat easy to plan any event and speak spiritual platitudes and fail to roll-up-your-sleeves and get to work… being “feigned” in the work of the Lord for others….ouch!  Finding even ministry commitments as an excuse is prevalent…I realize that. Personality conflicts and ethics seem to override pastors not showing up and even not letting their men know about such events in this area. A un-spiritual “sub culture” of sorts to keep their flock at bay, hence pastoral insecurity in the guise of  protecting the sheep…again ouch (1 Pet 5:3)!

There always seem to be an undertow of grumblings and murmuring amongst the brethren as SOULS ARE PERSHING…what a paradox for those that have the TRUTH!  To attempt to shock back-to-life some Christian men using spiritual defibrillators is exasperating….and age-old problem.

I recently attended one BIG event where many pastors excused themselves from their usual “ministry routine”  to subject their kids and adults to preaching…that’s great…I was there too! But to NOT come together to reach the lost and help plant a church…that’s just not convenient for them…unfortunate the spin.

I would pray and hope that some of you guys put your money (spirituality) where your mouth is and do something in concert with other Baptist preachers and ministries

that see the “thick darkness” (Ex 10:21-22)  is MORE than being felt in the closings moments of the “times of the Gentiles be fulfilled”. You do believe this window shade we’re living in will roll up soon don’t you? Hey men… “Shake off thy guilty fears” as the hymn goes because “the bleeding sacrifice on our behalf appears”! The Lord has led us to get this event “jump started”…PTL…, and if Jesus Christ is leading I want to be following…don’t you? This is no time for good soldiers of Jesus Christ to have “a rub” and squirrel away in your ministry nest. Rise up ye men of God be done with lesser things give heart and soul and mind and strength to serve the King of Kings! This is a good way to fellowship and do something together, I think this has been stated clearly over the months.

Enough of my ranting,  for now, BUT…. if there is truth in the above then “read and weep”… for the brethren’s attitudes and more sobering the souls of men slipping into hell.

We’re praying and hoping to see you next Saturday at 9am! A HOT breakfast will be prepared by our chief cook Bro. Jeremiah Roddell!

The canvassing in Rochester will be followed by lunch at a nearby fast-food restaurant in that neighborhood. Bro. Dressner was unable to secure the building, presently, for this new church to locate to but we do want to finish the door-to-door with some lunch before you go back to your Jerusalem. Thank you beforehand for your time and commitment to help!

Would you be kind enough to let me know how many  of you are coming so Bro. Dressner and myself can plan accordingly…please?

A lover of good men,

Bro. Vince Giardino

PS: See our church web-site ( for directions to Gospel Light

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