GLBBC Blog: 1 year and counting …

On Thursday, February 3rd, the blog at Gospel Light had its first anniversary. With the guidance, kindly advise, and encouragement from Pastor Vince Giardino, with contributions and cooperation from dozens of our church members, and through the grace of God, this blog has grown in scope, in spirit, and in number of visitors.From the beginning, the #1 goal of this blog is to bring praise and honor to our Lord Jesus Christ. This blog is a reflection of Gospel Light Bible Baptist Church. By having the blog represent our church to visitors as a godly, Christ serving, congregation of faithful and humble Christians busy doing God’s work, we hope to do bring glory to God. In this way, (a.) visitors to the blog might find see in our church a welcoming, warm, and sincere family of Christians that they may wish to join, (b.) through this blog, lost and searching souls may find Christ and his graceful message of salvation, and (c.) our church members can stay updated, entertained, and blessed and edified.Over the past year, the blog has included announcements, sermon reviews, scripture verses and references (KJV), Christian news stories, cartoons, videos, opinion polls, and many other features.

1.) We’ve covered major events throughout the year, including:

  • the “Christmas at Home” drama
  • the Family Bowling night
  • the Labor Day “Pig-Nic” pig roast and bonfire
  • the Sweetheart Dinner for Valentines Day
  • the “Shadow of the Cross” for Resurrection Sunday
  • the Youth Rally last of last April.
  • Family Camp at Camp Li-Lo-Li
  • the Garage Sale fund raiser
  • our July 4th picnic
  • Ames/Maple Street blitz
  • the Men’s Breakfasts
  • and many other happenings!

2.) We’ve had coverage of special visitors, such as:

  • Missionaries Erick and Staci Knight (Thailand)
  • Evangelist Tom Bard
  • Pastor Jim Donath
  • Missionaries Patrick and Theresa Pruett (Peru)
  • Pastor Eric Capaci
  • Evangelist David Spurgeon
  • Pastor Eddie Wyatt
  • Sister Abigail Miller
  • Pastor Dickson Beam
  • Evangelist Nathan Beam
  • Brother Jason McGuire (NYFRF)
  • Brother Jeff Faggart
  • Evangelist Dave Karpenko
  • and many others!

3.) Coverage of Ministries has included:

  • the Street Preaching ministry
  • the Nursing Home ministry
  • Sisters in Service ladies meetings
  • the Lawn Care ministry
  • Patch Club for kids
  • Friday night bible study
  • House to house outreach ministry
  • etc.

4.) Personalities in the church have been introduced by way of:

  • personal testimonies
  • interviews
  • Celebrity” pages
  • cartoon caricatures

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  1. Mateo V
    Mateo V says:

    Thank you Joe for your hard work, dedication and faithfulness
    to this ministry. I look forward to seeing what’s next on the blog just about every day… especially the sermon recaps. It’s especially nice bacause it truly captures the flavor of our ministry and church!!! Congratulations on 1 year of faithful service… may you celebrate many more….PTL

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