Guest Article: Saved for Sure!

Saved For Sure!

By Bill Brinkworth


One of the most disputed doctrines taught in the Bible is that of eternal security. The question many have is, “If one is saved, can that salvation be lost?” The Bible clearly teaches that once we are truly saved, we will always be saved.

After we’re saved, we will still sin. The soul is saved from hell, but we will still have the same old flesh we were born with; and it will do wrong, if we do not keep it in submission. Our sin grieves the Holy Spirit until we ask the Lord to forgive our trespasses against Him. It does not mean we have lost our salvation. We are still sinners, but are forgiven.

To say, “Well, since I’m saved, and I cannot lose it; I’ll do anything I want,” is ridiculous and unbiblical. When people get saved, the Holy Spirit dwells inside. They will be most miserable, if they continue in sin. They will grieve the Spirit of God and will lose their joy, and the Holy Spirit will not work in their lives. If they are really saved, they will not want to do anything they want, but only what pleases their new spiritual Father …

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