Adult Sunday School: The Journeys of the Apostle Paul

For the past few weeks at Gospel Light Bible Baptist Church, our adult Sunday school class has been focusing on the life of Paul the Apostle and his missionary journeys. To help visualize the scope of each of Paul’s journeys, maps have been created tracing the likely routes that Paul took. Some maps have been presented during the class. Many are available on-line at various web sites. Among the better maps that can be found, we present here a series of four maps found at LookLex Atlas. These maps provide a better grasp of the distribution of churches popping up in the early church age and the distances Paul was required to travel.

Paul’s First Missionary Journey: ~ 46-48 AD

Paul’s Second Missionary Journey: ~ 49-52 AD

Paul’s Third Missionary Journey: ~ 53-57 AD

Paul’s Journey to Rome: ~ 60 AD

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  1. Naomi Seeba Sey
    Naomi Seeba Sey says:

    Thank you for the maps, for they have been helpful in adding a pictorial feel the teaching of Apostle Paul missionary Journeys in my class. God bless

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