Church-Wide Fast and Prayer

In case you have not yet been made aware, Pastor Giardino has asked for church-wide fasting: Tuesday 9 PM until Wednesday 9 PM (starting just hours from now). Gospel Light members are being asked to fast for 24 hours and to pray for the success and indwelling of the Holy Spirit in the activities of this coming weekend. For those on Pastor’s e-mail list, they received this admonition: “This fasting is for the Lord to work at our Men’s breakfast, Ladies meeting, and our special meetings with Pastor Vince Massa!”

Youth Ablaze 2011 is now in the history books, so to speak. For a sampling of the fruit produced during this event, head on over to Julia G.’s blog, where she provides a stirring testimony.

For those who weren’t here last year (2010) for Pastor Appreciation Day, this video captured the crowning moment.

Sunday evening service at Gospel Light saw Pastor Vince Giardino pleading with Mateo and Bonnie for at least “ten minutes to preach”, after our appreciation ceremonies exhausted most of the time at the morning service. Our pastor was supercharged by the Holy Spirit to feed his flock with the Word. But patience is a virtue and Pastor G. was again required to be virtuous, at least for a bit longer:

  • Youth Pastor Peter Bard led the debut of the Kid’s Choir, which gathered up front. With Michael G. at the piano, eleven young children sang, “Lord You’ve Been So Good” and “God Has Been So Good To Me”.
  • Grayson once again stepped to the pulpit, rhythm guitar in hand, for an encore performance of the song he sang to Pastor G. in the morning service. It was just as entertaining the second time around.
  • Mateo had three more appreciation letters to read, this time from Dave Spurgeon, Ken McDonald, and Sam Gipp.
  • We saw an encore performance of “Pastor’s Song” sung by the adult choir, again with Bonnie conducting and Michael at the piano.

Pastor Giardino spent his time at the pulpit giving tribute to his church. Having just seen the marvelous unity of the choir and having witnessed a day of unity with the congregation, Pastor wished to salute the people of Gospel Light. Our ministry is made easier when “everything is tuned” and people are “singing lustily unto the Lord”, he noted. Further, he gloried in the church striving together, being like-minded, and being of one accord. Pastor looked forward to the cohesion getting even better and more powerful with our church’s greatest days ahead of us. Pastor’s sermon included a warning to be on guard against Satan, who would “like nothing more than to divide up churches with quarrels and strife.” Like the saints in Acts 1:14, Pastor asked that we be “with one accord in prayer and supplication”.

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