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Vince Massa Interview

Once again, Gospel Light’s annual trek to Family Camp is just around the corner. By May 26, individuals and families from our church will be making there way down to Camp Li-Lo-Li in Randolph, NY, near the Pennsylvania border. Among those that will be preaching again this year is a man of God we at GLBBC have become quite fond of: Brother Vince Massa, Pastor of Landmark Baptist Church in Stamfort, CT. The church blog had a chance to catch Brother Massa during his stay in Rochester for Fellowship Weekend. That Sunday evening, we had a chance to lob a few questions his way about Family Camp and its significance. Here is that interview:One of the teens who attended Family Camp last year wrote in her blog, “Camp truly was a life changing experience for so many.” What can happen in a five day visit to a rustic Western NY camp that can be so special that it can change a person’s life?

You never know what’s going to happen in someone’s life. People have gotten saved at Family Camp. People have been called into the ministry. People make decisions about their family, such as to have a family alter at home and to pray more.”

How long have you and your wife Roxanne been attending Family Camp and what/who initially drew you there?

This is our ninth year at Family Camp. We came as a result of Brother Vince Giardino inviting us to preach. We had no hesitations. Vince was called to preach at the Bad Attitude Baptist Blowout nine years ago, where we met and that’s when he asked as to preach.”

Last year at Family Camp, you spoke on heaven and the return of Christ. Have you thought about the messages you will be preaching during Family Camp?

Because I’ve been going to Family Camp for all these years, it has been in the back of my mind. But not until it gets down to May, when it gets down to crunch time, will I decide what to preach on.”

Anyone keeping up with the news knows we are living in interesting times. What do Christian families in 2011 need to know about?

People need to realize that all they need do is watch the evening news or read a newspaper to see the signs of the times regarding the Lord’s return. His coming is very soon and we need to prepare for the coming rapture.”

Camp Li-Lo-Li offers a variety of fun activities for its campers, including a number of high rope events that the web site says will “have you shaking in your boots”. Have you tried any, such as “Heaven Bound” or “Leap of Faith”?

I have done ‘Heaven Bound’. I have not done the ‘Leap of Faith’. I’ve done the repelling and the wall climbing. But to me, that’s a time to lay back and relax. Between the preaching, I like to lay out in the sun and relax.”

Campers are treated to wonderful meals. Can you think of a dinner or dessert that you can’t wait to get back to?

One thing I can say about the food, it seems to me that the meals and the desserts keep getting better and better each year.” (Editor’s note – Bro. Massa diplomatically had no particular favorite entrée or dessert).

What is that one memorable moment about Family Camp that you will remember for the rest of your life?

Several years ago, maybe my second year, a young couple came to Family Camp. The husband, a Spanish fellow named Francisco, wasn’t saved. We were praying for his soul. On Sunday morning when I preached, Francisco was saved. I was preaching from Luke 15, the prodigal son message, really about the father, and he got saved that Sunday morning. He started attending the church that his wife, Lisa, was a member of. A couple of years ago, in 2007, he was in a car accident and died. I know I will see him again because he went to Family Camp and was saved 4-5 years before he died. Two years ago, Lisa was back at camp after the death of her husband.”

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