Photos and Video from Sunday’s Service

Your friendly neighborhood blogger was given a copy of the video taken of last Sunday mornings baptisms and service. A few frames from the video were captured and used to create a small photo album. You can find those pictures in the Gospel Light Photograph Album. From the front page of the GLBBC web site, click PICTURES, then Ministry Pictures. Or better yet, click on the photos button below.

A portion of the video from Sunday morning’s service was clipped out and posted to YouTube. That 15 minute portion was of the baptisms of Mike and Merely Krol. If you’ve never seen a baptism at Gospel Light Bible Baptist Church in Gates NY, then this video will show you exactly what it’s like and what it’s about.

Another snippet of video was also posted to YouTube. This one, although entertaining, contains an important part of Pastor Vince Giardino’s Sunday morning sermon.

And finally, here is video footage of a brand new feature here at Gospel Light. The first “Faithful Service & Willing Spirit Award” went to Sue Stevens, with Mateo V. and Leah G. presiding.

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