Mariology 201 – Cult Series at GLBBC

Wednesday evening’s Cult presentation at Gospel Light was the last in a series on “Mariology”. Pastor Vince Giardino has been teaching on this one aspect of Catholicism for over a month. He will hand over the reins to another yet-to-be-determined teacher as the Cult Series continues in two weeks.

Next Wednesday evening, however, has been set aside for preaching by a special guest, Evangelist Tom Bard, father of our youth pastor, Peter Bard. We last saw Brother Tom on October 3rd of last year when his message to us asked, “Do We Glory in Tribulation?

As we were able to do with previous cult exposures, this blog has posted the Catholicism presentations to the Cult Series Library. Please find the link listed under the “Pages” heading to the right of this post or just click here.

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