Shocking Video: Caught On Tape

Caught On Tape – an unidentified pastor from Western NY.

Was he reacting to:

  1. a recent apparition of Mother Mary?
  2. a Broadway director in the congregation?
  3. a critical lack of dietary fiber?
  4. the failure of his March Madness bracket?
  5. his son’s plans to move to Hollywood?
  6. last April’s alien abduction at his church?

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Dear puzzled reader. Please read 1 Samuel 21:10-15 to find the true answer to the above question. Hint: You are watching a inspired reenactment of a precarious scene from the life of an Old Testament king.

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  1. Editor
    Editor says:

    Rejected alternate causes: One too many episodes of the Three Stooges, A wedgie delivered from the song leader, Too many hockey games without a helmet, Pizza sauce dripping down the side of the pulpit. Only his wife knows the deeper, underlying truth.

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