Words you’ll find at Gospel Light


1. Town of Jesus’ birth.

4. Keeping your own or the church’s affairs in order.

7. Used at the end of a prayer.

8. Person reaching the lost in the far corners of the world.

9. Weekend getaway in May (2 words).

12. Not “Easter”, but ( … ) Sunday.

15. Wednesday evening children’s classes (2 words).

16. Topic for Wednesday evenings.

17. Annual teen event in April (2 words).



1. You will get wet.

2. “The Way of the Master” evening.

3. Nickname for the Labor Day outdoor feast.

5. One-on-one teaching of doctrinal topics.

6. Company that supplies weekly food donations.

10. Pastor G. might use these during a sermon.

11. You don’t know what you’ll get with this dinner (2 words).

13. Mateo’s favorite music college.

14. Proclamation of redemption and eternal life.


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