God’s Great Plans

“God has great plans for every child of God. His plan is not just to have them saved from hell, but also to have them serve him. The new convert would be amazed at what God has planned for his future. The newly saved person has a great future in serving God in the way God desires to use him. Disobedience to God can change everything. Sidelines are filled with Christian folks that had excuses or reasons to disobey God’s commands in their lives.

How sad it is to hear of the great numbers that have missed God’s blessing in their lives because of their refusal to obey the commandments of God to be baptized, faithful in attending church, or to witness for Him. The numbers are astronomical of those that choose the world’s way to live rather than God’s way. It is those that remain faithful to what they know and are shown to do, that God uses for His glory. Our responsibility is to obey all God has shown us to do. Obedience always leads to more opportunities to serve God. – gratefully borrowed from The Bible View Vol. #102

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