Church Planting: March 13 recap

The Men’s Breakfast, Service, and Afternoon Outreach on Saturday, March 13, were a tremendous success and a true testimony to God’s glory. At the breakfast, pastors and members from several Baptist churches across western New York were in attendance and the opportunity to mingle and meet with new Christian brothers was a true blessing. The boundaries between our churches were shook and weakened, which must have pleased our Lord God in heaven. A fine hot breakfast meal was cooked by brother Jeremiah Rodell and served by faithful men of our host church, Gospel Light Bible Baptist. The passion and vigor brought forth in the singing of the hymns during service was outstanding and inspiring. Each of the pastors in attendance had the chance to introduce themselves in front of the congregation, and the young pastor of the proposed new church, Jose Rosenbaum, stood at the pulpit and gave his personal testimony.

Pastor Willie O’Dell of Hunters Creek Bible Baptist Church gave the charge, challenging us to not limit God, using verses in Psalm 78, esp. verse 17, where Israel limited God. Pastor O’Dell intent on using “the saddest verse in the bible” was for “the purpose of encouraging” us. His sermon was built around four points:

Pastor Willie O'Dell

1) Our sin limits God in our lives. Sin builds a wall between us and God.

2) Failing to pray limits God. We are saying that “God’s not there”, that it is not important to talk to God.

3) Refusing to read the bible limits God. Jesus expects us to read the the scriptures every day and be fed the Word.

4) Doubt and lack of faith limit God. It is God working in us that spiritual work gets done.

Perhaps Pastor O’Dell’s most memorable line was “The church is like manure; all spread out, we do a lot of good; all clumped together, we stink.”

After the service, the Afternoon Outreach, the task of “blitzing” the neighborhoods of the proposed new church, began. Pastor Zac Dressner of Southeast Bible Baptist Church organized the volunteer men of the many churches into teams. Each team was assigned a leader, given a map with highlighted assigned streets, and given flyers and tracks to hand out. Off we went into our cars and, on a gloomy rainy day,  salted the neighborhoods with cheery good tidings of the coming new church.

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