A visit from the Baptist History Tour – May 11

The following article was written and submitted by Pearl Caletz. She graciously took notes of the visit to GLBBC by Jeff Faggart and the men from the 2011 Baptist History Tour.As we opened our Wednesday night service (May 11th) in prayer and singing songs heartedly unto the lord, we were joined by 60-65 men and teen boys who were on a Baptist History tour in NY. The tour led by Pastor Jim Faggart, began Monday and will end on Friday. Bro. Mateo did a fine job of leading us in song. We were blessed by a piano arrangement played by Iris Faggart. It was good to have Pastor Giardino introduce our guest speaker Pastor Faggart, who wasted no time in getting us in our bibles and to his text verse 1 Corinthians 15:12-26. We bowed our heads in prayer and then Pastor Faggart expounded to us the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. If Christ did not rise from the dead, then our faith is in vain. But we know the truth, that Christ did rise from the dead and we who are saved, look to Christ’s second coming. Pastor Faggart used the Word of God to bring the point of Christ’s resurrection over and over. We will see him again. What a time of coming together we enjoyed this night. The proofs that were shown to us! It was electric to hear words of agreements coming from different parts of the congregation which I liken to popcorn popping. The power of the Word of God to works in hearts even illicited an amen from a lady or two, and some nods. God raised Jesus from the dead that He might first be a blessing to Israel. God is still on the throne! Praise the Lord!

Pastor Faggart’s points:

  • To believe that Jesus rose from the dead, we would have to believe that Jesus is coming again.
  • If we believe that Jesus is coming again, we have to believe that we are going to give an account of the deeds done in our body, whether good or bad. Praise be to God.

With reluctance, the bible study came to a close. Pastor Giardino led the altar call, as men, women and children flowed to the altar. Obviously moved by the truths that were expounded tonight, from our sword, the Word of God. Once we closed in prayer, Gospel Light was able to be a blessing and treat the Baptist Tour men and teens to pizza and refreshments. After a time of fellowship, the tour group was called together to regroup and go over some rules for leaving the U.S. and entering into Canada. The 2 buses left our church to continue in their Baptist History tour. Praise the Lord and the people throughout history who have left their mark for us to follow. The bible is real, our baptist history is real. A heart felt thank you to the Faggarts for being a tool in God’s army to continue getting the word out. A grand time was had by all!

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