Stand For Marriage Rally – Tuesday, June 14

On Tuesday, June 14, at 11 AM, concerned citizens from all across Western NY are asked to descend upon Rochester City Hall to participate in a “Stand for Marriage” rally. Pastor Vince Giardino will be there, as well as a number of other members of Gospel Light Bible Baptist Church. Won’t you join the fight in this most important moral issue? Help stop the attempt to redefine marriage.

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  1. Gary Bovey
    Gary Bovey says:

    The marriage equality demanded by the homosexual lobby is difficult to reconcile given the recent announcement by homosexual house mates Neil Patrick Harris and David Burkta. They are now being extolled as the proud parents of “fraternal” twins. The evident fraud of this statement, is that the twins are not fraternal at all. Indeed, both Harris and Burtka had their sperm atificially implanted in a surrogate and both implants took. Were we to look at this impartially without any self serving interest there can only be one conclusion that might be reached. in other than an artificially contrived universe, the only way that such an event could occur, would be through gang rape of a terrified frantic woman, immoral sexual practices involving agreeable multiple sex partners, or a woman who privily had multiple sex partners, each male partner ignorant of the other. In any case, the fraudulant claim of equity is just that, when compared with the honorable and Holy institution of marriage as given us by God.
    This lie should forever be resisted, that perverse, immoral, men and women have any claim of right for their insideous practices is nonsense.
    As it is written”… but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge” .
    The first part of that verse is ” Marriage is honorable in all and the bed undefiled:…”
    These charlatans have dishonored the marriage bed indeed, and though they may have seemingly escaped the judgement of God for their indiscretion, we may only anticipate that the judgement of God shall not be restrained, either upon us as a people or as a nation.

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