Sunday Morning Service: March 14, 2010

This blogger sincerely hopes that your week is starting off well and that you are ever mindful to be in prayer to Our Lord Jesus Christ. This past Sunday morning’s service was notable for the uplifting song that Michael Giardino so wonderfully sang while playing piano, titled “Word of God Speak”. The lyrics can be found here: Word of God Speak. The song was a special request by his father, Pastor Vince Giardino, to learn and play this song for the congregation. The song was performed twice, the second time during the invitation. Also noteworthy was the recent missionary letter from Stephen and Laura Holt from Sierre Leone, parts of which were read by Jeremiah Rodell. The Holts are able to stay at their home rent free as long as they pay for property improvements. Steve Holt has been laid out with a serious case of drug-resistant malaria. Mention was made of starting a bible school. A main obstacle the Holt ministry faces is the superstitions from witchcraft that hold the populous in fear and bondage. Please pray for the health and ministry of Steve and Laura Holt in Sierra Leone. Special Note: Missionary letters are posted just outside the church offices. Please spend the time to read these letters from the front lines of Our Lord’s battle to save lost souls.

Pastor Giardino’s sermon was about “Spiritual Blindness”. Pastor initially used the story of Lewis Braille, who invented the system whereby blind people read and write, to illustrate how a great thing came from the seemingly tragic condition of blindness. Five times (5 is the number of grace) in the bible did Jesus open the eyes of the blind. From the story of the blind man in John 9:1-11, Pastor Giardino was able to explain the divine purpose of this man’s blindness.

Pastor Giardino then likened us as blind beggars before Jesus came into our lives. Our innate problem is the unconfessed sin in our lives, sin that blinds Christians. Further, pastor explained that something more than just the beggarly blind state was going on with the blind man. The blind man said in John 9:11, “Jesus made clay, and anointed mine eyes”. The salty spit and the resulting clay sealed in his eyes. Reading from Ezek 13:10-14, pastor revealed the analogy of the prophets who lied to Israel to that of untempered mortar. From Ezek 13:11, “Say unto them which daub it with untempered morter, that it shall fall”, meaning the walls of Israel. Contrarily, the mortar and anointing of Jesus makes us sound and strong. Just as without tempered mortar, a building of bricks cannot stand, we also must have the right bible doctrine put together properly or we will shake and fall. Christ is our Lord and must be our foundation.

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