Dr. Bob Brado – Sunday PM June 25

Our Sunday evening service was chocked full of activity and merriment. We sang hymns of the faith, Pastor Giardino gave us a recap of that morning’s events.

We rejoiced again at the mention of four people joining Gospel Light! Praise the Lord for those who visit and find a home here. An intro of newlyweds Lex and Nicole Vazquez, married just the day before! Congratulations!

Each month in 2011 we have honored one person who has been a special help to the ministry. Bro.mateo presented the next servant’s award to Darryl stevens,who was hoping the award wasn’t for him, surprise, it was!

The pace picked up with a catchy and funny dvd taken Saturday afternoon of the King’s Kids Hobo Day at GLBBC. The congregation bubbled with laughter and applause. Then it was time for awards.Up first were Mr. and Mrs Derefinko, leaders of the King’s Kids Class.With a group, whose ages range from 4 years old to 11.Awards were given to boys and girls alike.There was a 34 scripture memorization requirement of the class and every child in the class receieved an award. Mrs. D. made special mention of 4 children who stood apart for special reasons. Emalie Bard was 4 when she joined the class and she memorized 30 out of 34 verses. Lydia Derefinko, Ethan Crane and Lydia Giardino, each memorized 34 verses out of 34. Praise the Lord!

The next awards were presented By Melodie Crane, her helpers are Jesenia Curley and Emmy Clavijo. These ladies head up the King’s Daughters’, girls, ages 12-17. The young ladies quoted verses and received pins for accomplishments,such as, weaving, photography, candy-making,and soulwinning, to say the least. Our Keepers for young men is headed up by Grayson Krol, assisted by Luke Curley. The men, not to be undone, quoted verses,they even showed off their handy work, homemade tool boxes! This age group is 12-17.

After a hearty round of applause and shouts of praise, Pastor Giardino, with glowing accolades, introduced our guest speaker Dr. Bob Brado, his friend of many years. Dr. Brado. in turn introduced his lovely wife, Amy, to the congregation.  After praying and inviting the Lord to be in the midst of the service, Brother Brado got busy laying the groundwork for his sermon.

” What should we experience in the House of the Lord?”

Pastor Brado’s text verses were taken from Psalms 122:1-9.

Point 1) gladness- he reminded us that we should be happy that we get to go to church, no matter what happens from the time we wake up in the morning to the time we step foot in the front door of our church, we should have a positive attitude when we arrive. Pastor Brado asked each person to reflect on, ” What makes you Happy?” It is good to praise God together.

Point 2)Standing on a firm foundation. Our feet shall stand. We ought to have a firm foundation. Far too many Christians may be  afraid to meet the Lord face to face. Pastor Brado reminded us that we need not to be intimidated by the laws of the land. 1st Cor.3:11. As we all know, Gospel Light isn’t founded on sinking sand, glory to God!

Point 3) verse 4, giving thanks to the Lord. We turned in our bibles to Psalm 100:1a, Make a joyful noise unto the lord… There was more than one head which nodded in agreement, shouts of praise and acknowledgement. God is still on the throne. our thanks should go to God first. Romans 1:21 because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened.” Welcome to the real world, as we were so glaringly were reminded of, just last week. Oh, if we could get this one truth. We need to be thankful for what we have, what God has blessed us with. We need to cultivate a spirit of gratitude in our children, so they can grow up and be thankful to God! We need to be thankful for our spouses, if not, we can begin to drift.

Point 4) Judgment-For the time has come, that judgment must begin in the house of God. As we know, a person needs to be brought low to be raised up again. Sin is not private, it affects everyone.For instance, take a smoker who huffs and puffs and when the smoker exhales, that smoke goes everywhere, it doesn’t just stay around the smoker. That is the way sin is. Believe me, I don’t want your second hand smoke, listen, We don’t want people to fail. We can’t be silent. Back in Billy Sunday’s day, he preached long and hard against alcohol. Some years later the law of prohibition was repealed.

Point 5) Prayer, we need to be in a constant state of prayer. We need to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Jesus said, my house shall be called a house of prayer. You know a lot churches have become entertainment halls. Prayer has become neglected, both corporately and individually. Experience prayer in the house of God. Did you know prayer brings peace and prosperity? Prayer is close communication to God. Pastor Brado reminds us that morals were much better when he was growing up. Even though we tried to work our way to heaven. Nowadays, we know that isn’t the right way. It is getting to a point where we can’t display the 10 commandments. Wake up Christians, this is the world we are living in. Praise the Lord, God is still on the throne. After the invitation, we bowed our heads together, in prayer and were dismissed.

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