Sunday Morning – Keys

We were blessed with a wonderful summer day. Birds were singing, the sun shone brightly, and the sky was a lovely shade of blue.

While inside the church, visitors and members alike were being treated to a song called, ” I have been blessed!” sung by the youth choir and some adults. Across the auditorium, shouts of praises, hands were raised in the air, amens exploded like firecrackers, as people testified to the blessings of God. It would behoove us, one and all to remember the blessings of God, through the good times as well as the bad ones.
Oh, I have been blessed, God’s so good to me.
Precious are His thoughts of you and me
No way I could count them, there’s not enough time
So I”ll just thank Him for being so kind.
God has been good, so good. I have been blessed.
After the song finished, Pastor Giardino hit the ground running. We were asked to turn in our bibles to Matthew 16:19. Today’s sermon dealt with 4 keys. As is customary, Pastor Giardino began his sermon by illustration. He took a big ring of keys, (4) to be exact, and placed them around his neck. They were huge keys, representing the keys to the kingdom of heaven. The bible talks about some keys. What do we do with the keys that God trusts us with, will determine our rewards in heaven.
Let’s begin in Luke 11: 52
1)  The key of Knowledge –  Jesus Christ wanted everyone to be able to have access to the bible and the ability to read it at will. There are plenty of churches doing church the wrong      way. Chump Churches, Punk Pastors and Scum Scriptures. The modern versions totally corrupt God’s word and make it ineffective. As the bible says, ” Woe unto you lawyers.”
Matthew 23:2, Mark 2:17
2)  Keys of the Kingdom –  Luke 1:32-33, Matthew 16:15, Pastor asked the congregation to put on our thinking caps.. Jesus is the rock. The church is built on Jesus Christ and not a man, Isaiah 58:6. Religion will enslave you, only Jesus Christ can free you.
3) Key of David (key of promise) Isaiah 22:22Future kingdom of Jesus as promised through the line of David. Isaiah 9:6, ” For unto you is born…” Don’t you want to get to know that person? Revelation 3:7 parallels Isaiah 9:6. Christ opens doors for us, to be servants as well.

4) The key to the bottomless pit – Revelation 20:1
Christ has full access. Jesus’ love is there. Jesus keeps us from temptation, if we let him. We as Christians may sometimes feel as though we are going against the flow. Do we realize just how quickly the Lord can come back? Hold on tight christian, times are getting rough and sinful.
Pastor Giardino reminds us all that these are exciting times to be a christian. We can be over comers in these last days. Revelation 3:12. These are promises to a child of God. We know that Jesus Christ is no longer meek and lowly. There have been times of old, when in the name Of God, Christians have been killed by people who think they are doing God a favor.
Even so Lord Jesus, come quickly!

Very sobering points that were taught by our preacher. He appealed to our hearts. If the Holy Spirit is speaking to you, come forward and get saved. We were served a fine meal. It is up to us what we will do with it. The invitation closed and our church was blessed to welcome a new family into our flock. Praise the Lord.
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