Sunday morning July 17, 2011

Our opening special this morning gave us a new singing group of Mrs. G and her two youngest daughters. This morning they sang, “I Am Going Home to Heaven” a song about just that! Something we all look forward to! Are you going with us?

After some rousing hymns, Michael G. was on the special list with a medley of “His Eye is on the Sparrow, and Oh, How Much He cares for Me.” For some, the piece brought tears of thankful celebration.

Pastor Giardino came to the pulpit with part 2 of the message “Keys to the Kingdom.”

We started out in Romans 5: 1-2 which speaks of our access to the grace of God, then turned to Matt. 16:19 where the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven are mentioned.

Pastor recounted the record breaking success of the latest Harry Potter movie and how Americans are infatuated with evil and witchcraft. Caught up with the escapism of the world. This includes christian kids! Parents don’t have the sense to stop it!

Ex. 7:10 – Pastor made mention here of the enchantments used by the magicians of Moses time. God’s rod was able to swallow up that of the magicians then and would be able to do so today.

Let’s get on to the keys:

1 Key of the Law

2 Key of the Gospel

3 Key of Knowledge

4 Key to the Bottomless pit

Rev. 1:16-18   Jesus has the keys. He conquered death

Prov 15:11 Hell and destruction are before the LORD: how much more then the hearts of the children of men?

He has access to death and hell. We should all fear that kind of power.

Because all of humanity is in default, He is the only one who can open hearts. All are wicked before a Holy God. The only answer is the blood of Christ.

God opened hearts to be used

God opened eyes

God opens and closes wombs

God opens the eyes of a king

1 cor 5:19 tells us that Christ alone reconciles us to Himself.

God didn’t have to do that.


Stay tuned for part 3!

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