Sunday morning July 24

Though getting to church on time can sometimes be a struggle, I have to say that pushing through the opposition to get there is definitely worth it. The Lord always shows up at Gospel Light. It was a beautiful Summery Sunday morning and though people could have been anywhere else, there were 142 in attendance, praise the Lord!

Pastor started out with talking about God’s word, and how awesome it is that the God of this universe is inviting you to read His DIARY! Now that is just awesome! Daily Bible reading is not only important but essential for us as Christians. Nobody will ever master or crack the code of the Bible, but there are seals that can be broken and wisdom that can be gained from it.

Right now we are in a very scary time in our country. People in power in many different levels of politics are using the law to deceive our nation. We need to be aware of some of the things that are going on, but more importantly, we need to be focused on God’s work. Pastor Giardino very adamantly stated, “The only hope for this country is the gospel, and for the pulpits to be on fire!” I couldn’t agree more. It is definitely time for us to get serious about standing for truth before it is too late. Pastor also made it clear how important it is for the church of Gospel Light to be there when the doors are open, to hear from the Lord.

There has been such amazing fruit at Gospel Light lately as a result of both John Waterstraw, and Jeff Brongo’s  funerals. Though it is difficult to see loved ones and close friends die, it is very reassuring knowing that they are in heaven. It is also such a blessing that Pastor was able to have liberty to preach to so many. I am praying for more opportunities to be opened up for our Pastor to give a clear gospel message so that many more can be saved. It is clear that God is moving at and through the church of Gospel Light. I know I sure want to be where God is moving as much as I possibly can!

The intro to today’s sermon was so applicable to most of us and maybe even all of us in the church today. A lady went and asked two different men for a hammer (one of them had one) she went to her car with the hammer and smashed in the window. She held up her keys and smiled (happy that she got in). The one guy said to the other guy, I wish she would have told me what she needed it for, I am a locksmith. Isn’t that so true in many of our lives. We need something, some sort of help, whether it be direction, instruction, a shoulder to cry on, food, shelter, a ride to church; you name it! We all need some sort of help at one time or another. The problem is that many times we just try to do everything on our own and don’t seek guidance from the Lord in His Word, reach out to other brothers and sisters, or come to the church.

We have access to kingdom in so many different ways. Pastor outlined how we have access through Christ, the Spirit, and by faith.

Pastor asked an interesting question early on. How did Paul shake the world? He answered it later, saying that while Paul lived hell had no peace. Paul’s name was even mentioned by an evil spirit in Acts 19:15. Pastor asked a very pointed question to all of us, “When was the last name your name was mentioned by an evil spirit?” Are the people of Gospel Light Bible Baptist Church causing hell to have no peace?

Paul was persuaded! (Rom 8:37) Living for Christ was everything to him. Is it everything to you? Everything else should be in second place. Be persuaded that this is the truth and that nothing can separate us from the love of God. The love of Christ should persuade us to tall others the gospel message.

Not only was it a beautiful day with a powerful word from the Lord delivered by our Pastor, but we also had 2 people come forward for baptism, praise the Lord!



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