Another impromptu visit from Bro. Petronico

At times we have an altar call before the sermon because a song speaks to our hearts. This only makes for a better opportunity for the preacher to do his job. Tonight, Michael G. sang a song called “the Voice of the Shepherd.” Ah, if only we would hear His voice always. Life would be so much easier!

Bro. Petronico kicked us in the seat of the pants yet again…just in the first few moments of his message. He reminded us of our flippancy with the Word of God. What we do with God’s word determines what God can do with us. We don’t read it and we certainly don’t study it!

Brother P. talked of Paul and his visits to the synagogue. He was accustomed to this. It was just what he did! Ina cts 17:1-4 we found that there were some who believed and in verse 5, some who believed NOT.

Paul was a preacher. a picture of thepreacher of today.

The Synagogue is a picture of the church….Some believe, others do not.

Most of us think we are okay but we are not as great as we think we are.  We often look at what we used to be rather than looking ahead to what we should be striving to be. We compare ourselves to others who aren’t as ‘spiritual.’ Look in the Book! You will find that you aren’t so great! Look to God.

In Rev. 3:13 we see the Laodicean church! That is American Christianity. We are rich and don’t know it. If you have $1 dollar to your name, you have more than 92% of the population of this earth. We have so much that we daily tell the Lord that we don’t have need of him. We don’t ask for bread. We just expect it to be there. No need for God. We don’t ask for help. We just do it on our own. We are self sufficient. We don’t ask for protection, good health, etc, but blame God when we don’t have these things.

Could any of us testify that we are living the abundant Christian life? NO! Why? Because we are all in bondage to something. Each of us struggles in one area or another. So, what do we do? We all have a choice to make. No one can MAKE you believe but you get out of life what you put in!

In Acts 17:10 we find those who were noble because they received the Word with readiness of mind! Not because they had stuff and drove nice cars or dressed the right way.  Study the book! You will be tested!

Our answer to the problem?

1. Repent – turn away from the things that plague you

2. Replace – get the worldliness out and the Godliness in

3. Rekindle – Get back that first love. Remember when you got saved and how excited you were. Start over.


We can never take back the sins we have committed but we can turn from them and the blood of Christ will wash them whiter than snow.

Believe determines behavior.




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